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A More Perfect Union. July 28, 2023. National Rent Control? It’s Closer Than You Think. Josh Hirschfeld-Kroen

The Hill. July 28, 2023. Nat’l rent control?! Tenants rights orgs push blanket cap on rent as housing crisis intensifies. 

KCUR. July 26, 2023. The Northland’s first tenants union says Parvin Estates is a ‘breeding grounds’ for pests. Lawrence Brooks IV

Startland News. July 25, 2023. One of KC’s hottest smashburgers is at this all-natural wine bar; how Big Mood uncorked its potential with popup food, live music. Channa Steinmetz

The Pitch. July 25, 2023.  Heavy scrutiny of Jackson County property assessments collapses into crisis management. Tyler Schneider

The Community Voice. July 22, 2023. Jackson County Property Assessments Will Harm and Displace Tenants and More.

KC Star. July 17, 2023. Some landlords say high Jackson County tax assessments will hurt tenants too. Here’s why. Kynala Phillips

KCUR. June 30, 2023. What helped KC Tenants gain influence so quickly? One word: outrage. Steve Kraske and Claudia Brancart 

Kansas City Business Journal. June 30, 2023. Is Affordable Not Affordable? Thomas Friestad

Yale Law Journal. June 30, 2023. Non-Reformist Reforms and Struggles over Life, Death, and Democracy. Amna A. Akbar 

Kansas City Beacon. June 29, 2023. RideKC’s development arm is dissolving, but transit-oriented development is here to stay. Josh Merchant

NPR. June 21, 2023. Evictions are increasing dramatically since the lifting of pandemic-era protections. A Martínez

AP News. June 21, 2023. Foundations buoy a new movement of renters’ activism. Sara Herschander

KCTV5. June 13, 2023. Tenants at Quality Hill Towers in KCMO unionize due to living conditions. Josh Jackson

The Nation. June 5, 2023. The Case Against Homeownership. Jane Chung

Bridge 909. May 25, 2023. Manor Fest 5 Preview: Weekend 2 in Kansas City. Nicole Dolan

KMUW. May 22, 2023. Know your renting rights: How the law protects tenants in Missouri and Kansas. Kavahn Mansouri and Daniel Wheaton

Capital B News. May 22, 2023. Shoot of Black Teen Is a Sympton of Kansas City’s Racist History. Christina Carrega and Ryan Sorrell

Institute for Local Self-Reliance. May 18, 2023. Housing is Where the Heart Is. Luke Gannon and Reggie Rucker

KCUR. May 11, 2023. Do you rent in Kansas City? Here’s how to find your building owner and what complaints they’ve had. Celisa Calacal

Flatland. May 11, 2023.  Kansas City Rushes to Consider Changes to its ‘Constitution’. Mary Sanchez

Northeast News. May 7, 2023. KC’s fast-moving charter review considers drastic changes to elections. 

KSHB. May 7, 2023. Residents of 146 N Lawn Avenue apartments celebrate major win with KC Tenants. Leslie DelasBour

Kansas City Beacon. May 5, 2023. KC’s fast-moving charter review considers drastic changes to elections. Josh Merchant

KC Star. May 4. How a new agreement prevented mass eviction at a northeast Kansas City apartment building. Mattie Gellman

Northeast News. May 3, 2023. North Lawn tenants reach agreement with new landlord, City to keep units affordable. Abby Hoover

KCTV 5. May 2, 2023. City executes unprecedented agreement to save refugee tenants from eviction. Betsy Webster

The Chronicle of Philanthropy. May 2, 2023. Foundations Buoy a New Movement of Renters’ Activism. Sara Herschander

KCUR. May 1, 2023. Kansas City will help pay rent so low-income residents can stay in Northeast apartments. Savannah Hawley-Bates

Kansas City Defender. May 1, 2023. North Lawn Tenants Secure Historic Victory After Being Threatened To Pay Double Rent or Face Eviction. Ryan S. 

KSHB. May 1, 2023. Tenants at northeast Kansas City apartment win agreement to stay after being told to pay double rent or leave. Jack Anstine

Rethinking Schools. April 24. “We Cannot Create What We Cannot Imagine”; Helping Students Picture Climate Justice. Suzanna Kassouf

KC Star. April 20, 2023. I wanted out of my roach-infested KC apartment. What I learned about renters’ options. Kynala Phillips 

KCUR. April 13, 2023. Quinton Lucas promised to be Kansas City’s ‘housing mayor.’ How did his term actually measure up? Celisa Calacal

Columbia Journalism Review. April 12, 2023. Q&A: Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor on the magazine picking up from the 2020 protests. Feven Merid

The Nation. April 11, 2023. This New Magazine Aims to Be a Home for the Black Left. Dani McClain

Poverty and Race Research Action Journal. April 10, 2023. ​​The Case for the Tenant Union. Tara Raghuveer and John Washington

KSHB. April 8, 2023. Lease nonrenewals prompt New Yorker residents to team up with KC Tenants. Leslie DelasBour

Kansas City Business Journal. April 7, 2023. Midtown developer pauses plan to close, renovate New Yorker Apartments after tenant outcry. Thomas Friestad

Governing. March 23, 2023. What If City Renters Had More Political Power? Jared Brey

Next City. March 23, 2023. Louisville’s Multiracial Tenant Union Is At The Forefront Of A Growing National Movement. Fran Quigley

KCUR. March 20, 2023. Kansas City prevented hundreds of evictions by providing attorneys. Now the program is growing. Celisa Calacal

Northeast News. March 20, 2023. North Lawn tenants demand safe, affordable housing. Abby Hoover

Missouri Independent. March 15, 2023. Kansas City service workers push for protections as Royals look to build downtown stadium. Mili Mansaray 

ACLU. March 15, 2023. The Women’s Movement Needs Lawyers and Organizers Working Together. Liel Sterling

KMBC. March 14, 2023. Federal Reserve report shows higher rents keeping inflation rate higher. Matt Flener

KSHB. March 14, 2023. Tenants at apartments in northeast Kansas City asked to pay double rent or leave. Grant Stephens

CNN. March 10, 2023. These renters are fighting evictions, and it’s working. 

Northeast News. March 8, 2023. North Lawn tenants push back on sudden rent hike. Abby Hoover

The Community Voice. March 1, 2023. Tenants Union Block Midtown Developers Project. 

Fox 4. February 28, 2023. Northeast KC tenants protest after new apartment owner triples rent. Mackenzie Koch

Family Promise. February 24, 2023. Six Black Leaders Working to Combat Homelessness. 

Flatland. February 23, 2023. KCATA Rejects Tax Break for Mac Properties in Midtown. Kevin Collison

KCUR. February 23, 2023. Kansas City denies tax breaks for apartments on streetcar line after outcry from schools and tenants. Celisa Calacal

Kansas City Business Journal. February 23, 2023. KCATA rejects contested incentive for Mac Properties’ $100M mixed-use in Midtown. Thomas Friestad

KSHB. February 23, 2023. KCATA board votes no on bond incentives for Main Street & Armour Boulevard development. Grant Stephens

The Progressive Magazine. February 17, 2023. On the Line: Defending Housing in the Heartland. Chase Castor

KC Beacon. February 21, 2023. ‘It’s insulting’: Critics accuse RideKC of bypassing the city development process. Josh Merchant

PBS. February 13, 2023. Diane Charity on the Fight for Fair Housing. 

The American Prospect. February 9, 2023. The Tenants Who Went to Washington. Ramenda Cyrus 

The New Republic. February 9, 2023. More Building Won’t Make Housing Affordable. Michael Friedrich 

Kansas City PBS. February 9, 2023. New Series of Digital Shorts ‘Passing the Baton’ Premieres on Flatland.

Business Insider. February 4, 2023. Low-income renters are frustrated by Biden’s new plan to make housing more affordable because they don’t think it does enough to combat surging rents. Jason Lalljee

KMBC. January 31, 2023. Kansas City non-profit reviewing concerns after apartment fire in historic Northeast neighborhood. Matt Flener

Democracy Now. January 26, 2023. Biden Proposes Renters Bill of Rights as Landlords Make Record Profits; Housing Advocates Want More. Amy Goodman 

KC Star. January 27, 2023. KC housing nonprofit ‘reviewing’ after fire at blighted building owned by board members. Jenna Thompson

Northeast News. January 25, 2023. Neighbors, tenant union help Indian Mound renters without heat. Abby Hoover

KC Star. January 24, 2023. ‘I want to be warm.’ KC residents want more accountability after gas, power outage. Andrea Klick 

KCUR. January 23, 2023. A problematic Kansas City apartment is without heat. Residents are paying the price. Savannah Hawley-Bates

KC Star. January 23, 2023. ‘What we need in Missouri.’ KC reproductive justice rally pushes for ballot initiative. Andrea Klick

KMBC. January 23, 2023. Residents in northeast KC apartments go days without heat. Matt Flener

KSHB. January 23, 2023. Weekend fires blamed on burglars leave apartment complex without heat. Grant Stephens

KC Star. January 22, 2023. ‘We have to all stand together’: Northeast Kansas City immigrants go days without heat. Jenna Thompson

On the Home Front. January 20, 2023. Tenant Organizing and Advocacy Efforts. National Low Income Housing Coalition

Journal of Public and International Affairs. January 17, 2023. The Rent is Too Damn High. It’s Time for Tenants to Organize. Liz Brown

The Pitch. January 10, 2023. KC Voices: Downtown stadium continues to smell like a cattle ranch. John A. Christiansen

Dwell. December 27, 2022. The Year the Affordable Housing Fight Went Mainstream. Roshan Abraham

KCUR. December 14, 2022. Kansas City Royals CEO asks public to ‘hold us accountable’ as team plans new downtown stadium. Greg Echlin

Ballpark Digest. December 14, 2022. Gentrification fears raised at downtown Royals ballpark forum. Kevin Reichard

KSHB. December 13, 2022. Kansas City community groups organize opposition ahead of Royals downtown stadium meeting. Tod Palmer

Fox 4. December 13, 2022. KC-area workers’ unions respond to proposed Kauffman Stadium move, potential impact. Kelli Peltier

KC Star. December 13, 2022. Private funds will pay for a ‘bulk’ of Royals’ new stadium downtown, Sherman says. Kevin Hardy

KSNT. December 13, 2022. Royals host first public meeting on downtown stadium. Dave D’Marko

Seacoastonline.com. December 13, 2022. When rent more than doubled, Newmarket tenants tried to fight back. Todd Bookman

Shelterforce. December 12, 2022. All Tenants Get Right to Counsel in Kansas City. Sandra Larson  

Fox 4. December 12, 2022. Royals host first public meeting on downtown stadium. Dave D’Marko

KCUR. December 10, 2022. Kansas City landlord ignoring your complaints? Here’s how to get your apartment fixed. Josh Merchant

KC Star. December 8, 2022. ‘Massive’ rent hike frustrates Plaza residents. Missouri law gives them few options. Katie Moore 

KC Beacon. December 7, 2022. Landlord ignoring your complaint? Here’s how to get your apartment fixed. Josh Merchant

10 News San Diego. December 2, 2022. Tenant unions gain momentum under tough climate for renters. Vanessa Misciagna 

KCUR. December 1, 2022. Can the Kansas City Council pull off a Christmas miracle and crack down on Airbnbs? Celisa Calacal

New Haven Register. November 30, 2022. Hamden union founded at Seramonte housing complex expands to include renters town-wide. Meghan Friedmann

Governing. November 29, 2022. What Can Cities Learn from Kansas City’s Fare-Free Transit Program? Jared Brey 

The Forge. November 22, 2022. The Craft of Campaigns Building a Citywide Tenant Union in Kansas City. Andrew Willis Garcés

Northeast News. November 20, 2022.  Episode 264: KC Tenants Power. Abby Hoover

Common Dreams. November 20, 2022.  Midterm Voters Send a Message: Housing is a Human Right. Fran Quigley

Waging Nonviolence. November 18, 2022. Movements have a long history of playing the inside-outside game effectively. Andrew Willis Gracés

Governing. November 14, 2022. How Election Day Shows the Fluid Politics of Housing. Jared Brey

The Tartan.  November 14, 2022. Midterm 2022 election results: Democrats hold their own against predicted ‘red wave’. Alexandra Mathews

Governing. November 11, 2022. News in Numbers: 50 mill’. 

KC Star. November 10, 2022. After big affordable housing election win, KC Tenants raises a louder voice. KC Star Editorial Board

NPR. November 9, 2022. Voters approved more money for affordable housing around the country. Jennifer Ludden

KC Star. November 9, 2022. Kansas City votes for $50 million for affordable housing. What that means & what’s next. Kynala Phillips

KC Star. November 9, 2022. Kansas City voters approve $175 million in bonds. Here’s what it will be used for. Anna Spoerre 

The Pitch. November 8, 2022. KC Tenants help pass $50 million bond in historic affordable housing investment. Ivy Anderegg

KMBC. November 8, 2022. Kansas City and Jackson County voters to decide big issues Tuesday. Matt Evans

KCUR. November 8, 2022. Kansas City voters approve $175 million in bonds for affordable housing and convention center. Lynn Horsley

Kansas City Defender. November 4, 2022. Kansas City’s Rent Is Too Damn High. Da’Janae Moreland

Kansas City Beacon. November 2, 2022. This ballot question would fund ‘deeply affordable housing’ in KC. Josh Merchant

KC Morning Show. October 31, 2022. $50 Milli For The People. Hartzell Gray

The Community Voice. October 27, 2022. KC Tenants Launches New Group Designed to Build Political Power. Jacob Martin

KC Star. October 23, 2022. Letter to the Editor: Housing Needs. Kaylove Edwards

Flatland. October 20, 2022. Gen Z Activists Confront an Age of Anxiety. Catherine Hoffman and Cody Boston

Flatland. October 18, 2022. Mac Properties is Back With New Plan at Main and Armour. Kevin Collison

KSHB. October 17, 2022. I don’t have a plan’ Single mom of 2 explains how affordable housing funds could help families like hers. Leslie DelasBour

KC Star. October 16, 2022. Here’s our recommendation on $175 million in Kansas City bonds in the Nov. 8 election. KC Star Editorial Board

la Repubblica. October 16, 2022. Le persone prima dei profitti”: in America nasce il movimento delle magliette gialle contro il caro-affitti. di Massimo Basile

New York Times. October 15, 2022. The Rent Revolution is Coming. Conor Dougherty

The Beacon. October 14, 2022. KC Tenants announces sister organization focused on building political power. Mili Mansaray

The Call. October 14, 2022. KC Tenants Power New Political Organization Launched at ‘Tenant Takeover.’ 

Channel 9. October 14, 2022. Kansas City voters will decide on $50 million affordable housing bond in November election. Jackson Kurtz

KCUR. October 13, 2022. KC Tenants flexes its political muscle. Steve Kraske, Claire Powell and Dance Alexander. 

KSHB. October 13, 2022. KCMO City Council approves $50 million affordable housing bond funding. Dre Bradley

KSHB. October 12, 2022. Voters will be asked to approve $50 million in bonds to fund affordable housing in KCMO. Leslie DelasBour

KC Star. October 8, 2022. New sibling organization of KC Tenants launches with goal of building political power. Katie Moore

KC Star. October 6, 2022. Where are Kansas City’s ‘eviction hot spots’? These buildings are the top eviction filers. Kynala Phillips

The Community Voice. September 22, 2022. Kansas City makes changes to affordable housing ordinances, but advocates remain concerned. Jacob Martin

Kansas City Defender. September 12, 2022. Suppression of Speech & Arresting Activists: KC City Hall’s Escalating Assault on the Public. KC Defender Staff

KCUR. September 7, 2022. Berkley Riverfront apartment project moves forward without tax breaks from Port KC. Kavahn Mansouri 

The Beacon. August 26, 2022. To attract more developers, Kansas City changes its affordable housing ordinance—again.  Mili Mansaray and Josh Merchant

KC Star. August 20, 2022. Kansas City relaxes rules for housing developers. Here’s what that could mean for rent. Kynala Phillips

KC Star. August 19, 2022. ‘This is war’: Protester arrested as KC approves change to housing affordability rate. Anna Spoerre and Kevin Hardy

Kansas City Business Journal. August 19, 2022. KC loosens affordable housing set-aside policy in effort to get more new residences built. Thomas Friestad

KC Star. August, 18, 2022. KC Tenants protest affordable rent change, shout City Council out of chambers. Rich Sugg

41 KSHB. August 18, 2022. KCMO City Council passes housing ordinance despite pushback from KC Tenants. David Medina and Megan Abundis

KC Star. August, 18, 2022. Kansas City tenants spend more than half their income on housing, rent survey says. Kynala Phillips

KCTV5. August 18, 2022. Controversial housing ordinance passed in KCMO Council despite protest. Betsy Webster

KCUR. August 18, 2022. Kansas City eases affordable housing rules, sparking anger by tenant group. Celisa Calacal

KCUR. August 17, 2022. Kansas City mayor’s new affordable housing plan sparks widespread opposition. Celisa Calacal

KC Star. August 17, 2022. Is $1,200 a month affordable rent? KC Council mulls relaxing rules on private developers. Kevin Hardy

KCTV5. August 17, 2022. Kansas City committee moves affordable housing ordinance forward, dozens of renters respond in outrage. Taylor Johnson

KMBC 9. August 17, 2022. Kansas City affordable housing plans face strong pushback at city hall. Matt Flener

Fox 4. August 16, 2022. KC Tenants say new ordinances don’t help low-income families. Sean McDowell

KC Star. August 12, 2022. Mayor Lucas, don’t bypass the public and City Council in KC incentive discussions. KC Star Editorial Board

KCTV5. August 11, 2022. As rent prices increase, Kansas City mayor introduces plan for more affordable housing. Taylor Johnson

41 KSHB. August 11, 2022. Kansas City tenant advocates disagree with new housing ordinance proposed by mayor. Dan Cohen 

KC Star. May 31, 2022. ‘Losing everything’: Angered by Topeka homeless camp sweep, advocates point KC example. Anna Spoerre and Katie Moore

KC Linc. May 31, 2022. Right to legal counsel for KC tenants facing eviction begins June 1. 

People’s World. May 26, 2022. Kansas City renters establish citywide tenants union. Andrew Miller

Marketwatch. May 17, 2022. ‘Millions of families struggle to keep roofs over their heads’: Biden administration has a plan to tackle America’s housing shortage—but will it be enough? Emma Ockerman

KC Star. May 16, 2022. After more pushback, Port KC says no to St. Louis developer’s riverfront apartment plan. Kevin Hardy

STL Public Radio. May 16, 2022. KC Riverfront apartment project in doubt after commissioners hear criticisms of St. Louis developer. Kavahn Mansouri

KCUR. May 15, 2022. An ode to the real humans of Kansas City. Gina Kaufmann

KC Star. May 11, 2022. ‘Fight to the end’: Black-owned housing co-op made history in KC. Now it faces foreclosure. Bill Lukitsch and Anna Spoerre

KCUR. May 10, 2022. Kansas City promised legal help for tenants facing eviction, but it keeps missing key deadlines. Celisa Calacal

KC Star. May 7, 2022. KC Tenants announces launch of citywide tenant’s union with goal of 10,000 members. Aarón Torres

Next City. May 5, 2022. Housing in Brief: A City in Kansas Just Outlawed Having Too Many Roommates. Roshan Abraham

KC Star. May 4, 2022. Shawnee City Council members take heat for co-living ban. Here’s what they say. Anna Spoerre

KC Star. May 3, 2022. KC Tenants members evicted from Jackson County legislative meeting after staging protest. Mike Hendricks

KMBC9. April 25, 2022. Some Heart Village mobile home residents say Jackson County mismanaging their relocation. Matt Evans

Fox 4. April 25, 2022. Evictions loom for remaining residents at new Jackson County jail site. Jacob Kittilstad and John Pepitone

KCUR. April 25, 2022. Mobile park residents threatened with eviction so Jackson County can build its new jail. Celisa Calacal

KC Star. April 25, 2022. They’re struggling to find homes. Jackson County is evicting them from their trailers. KC Star Editorial Board 

KCUR. April 22, 2022. Missouri Republicans are pushing a bill to ban local eviction moratoriums. Rebecca Rivas

KSHB. April 22, 2022. Remaining Heart  Mobile Village residents struggle to find housing. Andres Gutierrez

KCUR. April 16, 2022. UMKC students form tenant union demanding new lease and better maintenance in dorms. Eleanor Nash

KC Star.  April 15, 2022. Flooding, mold, broken appliances: UMKC students unionize for better living conditions. Sarah Ritter

KC Star. April 7, 2022. People’s Climate Town Hall unites activist groups over Kansas City policy shortcomings. Natalie Wallington

The Beacon. March 15, 2022. Formerly incarcerated Missourians struggle for decades to find stable housing. Josh Merchant

Kansas City Star. March 10, 2022. KC put millions to an affordable housing fund. Here’s who will help decide how to spend it. Kynala Phillips

Flatland. March 9, 2022. How Do Housing Trust Funds Work? Here Are Three Examples From Across The Country. Park Zebley

Bloomberg. March 3, 2022. Wolf of Main Street. Kriston Capps, Sarah Holder.

Fox 4. February 25, 2022. Moving day approaches for residents at site of future Jackson County jail. Sherae Honeycutt

The Pitch. February 23, 2022. Parade Park residents call for community support in securing funds. Savannah Hawley

Kansas City Star. February 9, 2022. Kansas City Mayor Lucas announces millions to support city workers, programs in 2022. Anna Spoerre

Kansas City Star. February 6, 2022. Kansas City landlords fault city officials for letting KC Tenants set housing agenda. Mike Hendricks

Kansas City Star. February 6, 2022. From Wall Street to the streets: She gave up a hedge fund future to fight for renters. Mike Hendricks

KCUR. January 27, 2022. Some Kansas City residents want to halt the sale of the historic Katz Drug Store in midtown. Celisa Calacal

Kansas City Star. January 27, 2022. Leaders from KC Tenants say they are stronger together. Tammy Ljungblad

The Moguldom Nation. January 26, 2022. Opinion: Embrace MLK, Reject Barack Obama. Why Leftists Need To Challenge The Scourge Of Black Neoliberalism. Nick Cruse

Kansas City Business Journal. January 21, 2022. City Council’s incentive vote tanks Mac Properties’ $100M mixed-use at Armour and Main. Thomas Friestad

Kansas City Star. January 20, 2022. Kansas City Council member apologizes for ‘inappropriate’ language in committee meeting. Cortlynn Stark

Kansas City Star. January 20, 2022. ‘Monumental’: KC Council will give millions to housing trust fund instead of developer. Cortlynn Stark

KCUR. January 19, 2022. Kansas City Council clashes over spending millions in city funds to support midtown apartment project. Celisa Calacal

KCUR.January 18, 2022. Kansas City’s storage bin initiative for homeless draws ire online. Laura Ziegler

The Pitch. January 10, 2022. Political pitfalls that could plague our year ahead. Barbara Shelly 

The Nation. January 8, 2021. How the Pandemic Threw Fuel on a Growing Housing Movement. Bryce Covert

The Pitch. January 6, 2022. High Resolution: Kansas Citians plan for 2022. Tyler Schneider

KC Star. December 29, 2021. After another year of pandemic and gun violence, Lucas and Kansas City Council look back. Cortlynn Stark 

Kansas Reflector. December 28, 2021. Kansas City residents will soon have the right to an attorney in eviction proceedings. Rebecca Rivas

New Republic. December 23, 2021. The Return of Rent Control. Esther Wang

Fox 4. December 20, 2021. Mayor signs ordinance officially creating program to help renters facing eviction. Heidi Schmidt

KMBC 9. December 20, 2021. Advocates celebrate signing of Tenants’ Right to Counsel in Kansas City. Emily Holwick

KMBC 9. December 20, 2021. Mayor signs Tenants’ Right to Counsel.  

Missouri Lawyers Media. December 20, 2021. Renters’ rights: Kansas City tenants’ right to counsel upends landlords with pro se litigation pattern. Chloe Murdock

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Kansas City Business Journal. December 13, 2021. New Kansas City civic prize honors two leaders in fight for justice. Brian Kaberline

KCUR. December 10, 2021. Up To Date: The fight by Kansas City renters for the right to counsel. Steve Kraske, Reginald David, Danie Alexander, Zach Wilson

KCUR. December 9, 2021. Kansas City renters will soon get free legal help in eviction court, in a win for KC Tenants. Bek Shackelford-Nwanganga 

KC Star. December 9, 2021. ‘A win for Kansas City’: Council passes tenant’s right to counsel. Here’s why it matters. Cortlynn Stark

41 KSHB. December 9, 2021. KCMO City Council approves ‘Tenants’ Right to Counsel’. Bryant Maddrick

Fox 4. December 8, 2021. Kansas City Council to vote Thursday on tenants’ right to counsel. Sharifa Jackson

KC Star. December 3, 2021. ‘Keep a roof over our heads’: KC proposal would guarantee legal representation to tenants. Cortlynn Stark

KC Star. December 3, 2021. Received a notice to vacate? Here’s what KC tenants facing eviction need to know. Natalie Wallington

The Pitch. December 2, 2021. Sentenced to homelessness: Kansas City residents rally at City Hall for “Right to Counsel” ordinance. Rachel Potucek

KCUR. December 2, 2021. ​​Kansas City tenants facing eviction would be guaranteed legal help under new ordinance. Carlos Moreno

KC Star. December 2, 2021. Kansas City tenants rally for right to counsel. Emily Curiel 

KMBC9. December 2, 2021. Organizations rally to promote tenants’ right to counsel. Rebecca Gannon

KCTV5. December 2, 2021. Program would provide legal help for people in KC facing eviction

WBUR. November 30, 2021. First Person: Activist Tiana Caldwell on finding strength in the face of eviction. Tim Skoog and Meghna Chakrabarti

KC Star. November 25, 2021. What’s Kansas City thankful for this year? Here’s what readers and leaders had to say. 

KCUR. November 19, 2021. Renters say housing co-ops could be an answer to Kansas City’s affordable housing problem. Bek Shackelford-Nwanganga

KMBC 9. November 18, 2021. KC Tenants hold town hall meeting to discuss the housing problem in Kansas City. Jackson Kurtz

KC Star. November 16, 2021. What is KC Tenants up to next? Thursday’s Town Hall is your chance to learn. Joseph Hernandez

KCTV5. November 13, 2021. KC Tenants holds canvas in honor of man murdered. 

KC Star. November 13, 2021. ‘We got your back’: KC Tenants honors Kansas City man allegedly killed by landlord. Aarón Torres

New York Times.November 7, 2021. With cases piling up, an eviction crisis unfolds step by step. Sophie Kasakove

KCUR. November 4, 2021. Kansas City finally decided how to spend its $12.5 million housing trust fund. Lynn Horsley

The Beacon. November 3, 2021. Kansas City Land Bank chair departs amid oversight failures. Emily Wolf and Celisa Calacal

KCUR. November 3, 2021. Kansas City Land Bank will get a new leader amid oversight failures. Emily Wolf and Celisa Calacal

The Beacon. November 3, 2021. City continues to foot the bill on mowing vacant lots as Kansas City Land Bank sales drop. Emily Wolf

The Beacon. October 27, 2021. Local housing group and mayor share differing visions on a housing trust fund for Kansas City. Celisa Calacal

Next City. October 21, 2021. Kansas City Tenants Push For Tenant Control Of Affordable Housing Funds. Roshan Abraham

KCUR. October 20, 2021. A Kansas City tenant fights back and wins rare victory against landlord who tried to evict her. Dan Margolies

KC Star. October 19, 2021. Why do displaced trailer park residents have to beg for help from Jackson County? Editorial Board

New York Times. October 18, 2021. As rents rise, so do pressures on people at risk for eviction. Sophie Kasakove

KCUR. October 17, 2021. Rent is going going up so fast, it’s it’s not just pricing our residents — it’s Kansas City. Gina Kaufmann

The Pitch, October 15, 2021. KC Tenants rally at city hall to confront Mayor Q about their People’s Housing Trust Fund. Tyler Schneider

KMBC 9, October 13, 2021. Heart Village mobile homes residents demand more money, time from Jackson County. Jackson Kurtz

KC Star, October 13, 2021. ‘Empowering’ KC Tenants rally at City Hall ends with mayor sit-down, but few results. Courtlynn Stark

KC Star, October 13, 2021. KC tenants call out Mayor Lucas for ‘broken promise’ on affordable housing plan. Editorial Board

KCUR, October 13, 2021. KC Tenants confront Mayor Quinton Lucas over ‘unacceptable’ proposal for affordable housing trust fund. Bek Shackelford-Nwanganga

KC Star, October 13, 2021. Tense moments in KC Tenants and KC Mayor Quinton Lucas meeting on housing trust fund ordinance.

KC Star. October 12, 2021. Pushing us on out: Residents of Kansas City apartment form union and landlord dispute. Bill Lukitsch

The Beacon. September 29, 2021. ‘They need to make changes now’: Local housing advocates demand improvements to KC’s rental assistance program. Celisa Calacal

41 KSHB. September 27, 2021. KC Tenants announces 8 demands aimed at addressing rental debt and evictions. David Medina

The Beacon. September 23, 2021. ‘We can’t represent everyone we want’: In eviction court, most tenants fight their cases without a lawyer. Celisa Calacal

KC Star. September 22, 2021. Kansas City Homeless Union has solutions for the city. Here is what they want. Anna Spoerre

The Beacon. September 15, 2021. What you need to know about the second round of rental assistance in KC. Celisa Calacal

The Beacon. September 8, 2021. ‘People are running out of time’: With no eviction moratorium, tenants fear losing their homes. Celisa Calacal

The Intercept. August 27, 2021. Supreme Court Ended Eviction Moratorium, but Pandemic Has Shown Road Map for Fighting Back. Natasha Lennard

Washington Post. August 25, 2021. As eviction crisis loomed, rental relief barely picked up in July. Rachel Siegel

The Community Voice. August 25, 2021. County Meets Mobile Home Park Residents Demands. Jazzlyn Johnson

41 KSHB. August 23, 2021. Jackson County approves $1.7-million relocation deal for residents displaced by new jail. Tod Palmer

Shawnee Mission Post. August 20, 2021. KC renters march down landlord’s Mission Hills street decrying ‘unhealthy’ living conditions like mold and pests. Juliana Garcia

KC Star. Aug. 20, 2021. Kansas City tenants bring complaints to a landlord’s front yard in Mission Hills. Bill Lukitsch

KCUR.  August 12, 2021. Kansas City Housing Activists Honor Tenant They Say Died From Unsafe Conditions. Jodi Fortino

KCUR. August 12, 2021. New Jackson County Jail Will Push Out Over 100 Mobile Home Residents: ‘I’m Basically Homeless’. DC Benincasa

The Beacon. August 11, 2021. ‘Where are we gonna go?’: New jail to displace over 100 Jackson County residents. Celisa Calacal

Democracy Now. August 9, 2021.“Band-Aid Over a Bullet Wound”: Housing Advocates Welcome CDC Eviction Moratorium But Say It’s Not Enough. Amy Goodman

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