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Missouri Tenants Listening Experiment

In 2020, in a moment of global crisis, tenants and allies came together and demanded that our state leaders protect our people. Despite our best efforts and escalation, our demands were not met. We sat with the lesson about the power we would have needed to win, specifically in rural and small town Missouri.

In June 2021, KC Tenants launched a rural canvassing program across Missouri. We held conversations with over a thousand tenants on the doors and on the phone, all over the state.


Read about our findings: The State of Missouri Tenants

Listen to our audio reel, featuring narration by Aaron Lerma, Tiana Caldwell, and the MO Tenants canvassers: We Are Compelled to Cry Out: Listening to Tenants in Rural Missouri


Looking for how you can take action in rural Missouri? If you’re a tenant living in Southeast Missouri, you can get involved with Cape Tenants (a grassroots group of tenants that emerged from the listening experiment) by filling out their New Member Form at → bit.ly/CapeTenants