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I-70 Takeover to #ProtectMOTenants

The Coalition to Protect Missouri Tenants has issued a set of demands for Governor Parson to stand up for tenants across the state in the midst of the COVID pandemic. Governor Mike Parson has done little to respond to our demands, saying only "if it becomes a problem, we will look into it." Parson offered us an organizing challenge. Now it's our job to make sure he knows: IT IS A PROBLEM, and we won't stop organizing till it's solved.

On Monday, April 20th at 12 noon, the Coalition to Protect MO Tenants will be taking our demands to the streets, or rather, the highway. We will have tenants and allies positioned all along the shoulder of I-70, stretching the length of the state, from Kansas City to St. Louis. Drivers will turn their hazards on and stage a direct action on the highway. By doing this, we will call attention to the urgency of the crisis and the need for statewide action. This is not just a Kansas City and St. Louis problem. Folks all over the state need a rent and mortgage cancellation and we are (safely) violating the stay-at-home order to demand Governor Parson act before May 1st, when rent is due and tens of thousands won't be able to pay.

Digital Action Track

As part of our effort to feel surrounded while we're alone in our cars, lining the state, we've compiled a digital action track. We will all play this track at noon, and it will be our guide through the action from our sites along the highway. Even if you're not out there in a car, play this from wherever you are and please join in on the action.

If you have trouble with the audio player, please try the direct audio link.



The Coalition to Protect Missouri Tenants includes over 50 community, labor, and faith organizations, including KC Tenants, Missouri Jobs with Justice, Action St. Louis, Kansas Missouri Dream Alliance, Renew Missouri, Heartland Center for Jobs and Freedom, Team TIF St. Louis, Service Employees International Union - Healthcare MO/KS, Service Employees International Union Local 1, Service Employees International Union State Council, United Auto Workers Local 249, Springfield NAACP.

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